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Spring-Summer 2019 - 2020 Color & Trends

Trend forecaster Fashion Snoops recently offered its insights on fashion trends for spring/summer 2020 at Hong Kong Fashion Week, organized by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council. Dubbed “Genesis”, “Flash”, “Dose” and “Ethos”, these 4 trends are set to bloom next spring:


“Ethos” reminds us of JOMO – the joy of missing out. As we seek off-the-grid pleasures, slow living, tranquility and a sense of recharge, colors steer towards warm, lush, optimistic and calming earth tones such as sienna, coral pink, seagrass and sunset. Patterns honor nature and a nomadic lifestyle with broken color-blocking, picnic checks, tropical prints, pumice stone patterns and quiet florals.

Traditional and time-consuming craftwork such as weaving and crocheting inspire a new generation of process-driven materials, including brushed suede, natural straw, bright loom work, textured linen and ultra-fine knit. Silhouettes are influenced by the athleisure trend boasting hiking attires, slouchy fits, second-skin basics, silk sweaters, mohair yarns, knit sheers and fluid vacation dresses, including caftans, shirtdresses and slip dresses.

The trend also calls for a rustic mood with micro pleats, sun-bleached finishes and sustainable organic yarns, showcasing how imperfectly beautiful nature can be.

Color Combos:

Materials: Textured linen, matte silk, fragile sheers, bright loom work, crisp cotton, crafted crochet, natural straw, ultra-fine knit
Patterns & Graphics: In check, quiet flora, ripple effect, primitive lines, blanket stripe, pumice stone, citrus energy, sun worship


This trend originates from the Instagram culture of encouraging designs to be eye-catching, statement-making and Insta-worthy. It draws inspiration from the dance movement of the 1980s epitomized by movies like Staying Alive and Simply Ballroom, as well as Madonna’s music video for Vogue. There’s a renewed fascination with ballroom dancing, rock star glam, 1980s sci-fi, and the protest culture that gave birth to punk and grunge.

The sentiment is reflected through explosive colors such as pastel neons, bold purples and contrasting colors, and lustrous surfaces like metallics, glitters and plastics, alongside animal prints, waxed denim with black wash, mesh knits, nylon micro shorts and exaggerated shoulders.

Color Combos:

Materials: Chain-link mesh, disco metal, gritty surface, plush velvet, technical crepe, plastic coated, satin romance, liquid metal
Patterns & Graphics: Fierce, gritty art, rock star glam, hectic repeat, explosive color, pink with envy, monochrome, club glow


Combining ancient antiquities and modern minimalism, this trend encourages us to explore the beauty and mysteries of prehistoric life using advanced technology. Silhouettes pay homage to architectural principles and religious undertones with backbone-inspired designs, sheer layers, laser cuts and cutouts, as well as knots, gatherings, drapes, pin-tucks, winged sleeves and wide-leg cuts.

Materials take a futuristic approach featuring gel-like or spongy materials that are packable. Volcanic earth tones and liquid metal colors take dominance, complemented with techno blue, bright orange and an industrial shine. Patterns take cues from fossils, skeletal filaments, sacred geometry and prehistoric graphics.

Color Combos:

Materials: Prototyped construction, skeletal filaments, exotic skins, wild feathers, fragmented sheers, bubbled function, silken chiffon, grown cultures
Patterns & Graphics: Dipped distress, prehistoric patchwork, abrade, mapped age, disaster’s design, cracked earth, exoskeleton, sacred geometry


“Dose” takes us on a psychedelic emotional journey with clashing colors and innovative materials. Synthetics are driving forces as the artificial becomes the new natural. Emerging technologies in 3D printing and dry dyeing propel us into a new future. Customization is key, be it a personalized product or shopping experience.

Color Combos:

Materials: Powder pigments, blurred sheers, utility canvas, neon netting, smoothed fleece, reflective film, printed plastics, digital rib knit
Patterns & Graphics: Dark wave, cognitive gradient, dissociation, morphogenesis, wake up, hallucinatory fields, tunnel vision, color therapy 

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