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New customers must sign up for our newsletter to receive their voucher. After registering you will receive an e-mail with your coupon code.

The coupon you received is good for 15% off your first purchase of $ 56.00 or more. The code does not apply to SPECIAL OFFERS. This offer is non-retroactive and can not be combined with other special offers or coupons. We can not extend this promotion if your first order is not eligible or returned. This offer is subject to change without notice.

Many promotions require a minimum purchase amount for the entitlement. This amount is the subtotal of the order, calculated before taxes / shipping costs (IF CALCULATED). This is a fixed dollar amount that is assigned to the code and is not accepted below the amount.

The coupon codes are limited to one per customer and purchase and can only be used once per customer. They can only be used for full price goods. The coupon codes have no present value and if a return is made, your account will only be credited with the amount you paid - the total amount at checkout less the value of the coupon code. Coupon codes can not be combined with other promotions. JUNITASTORE can conduct promotions to attract new customers or increase sales. In connection with these promotions, any person who receives credits, coupons, prizes, or other benefits to JUNITASTORE by using multiple user accounts or email addresses, using fake names, identifying others, or any other fraudulent or misleading behavior Any credits, vouchers, prizes or benefits earned in this manner will be forfeited and may be subject to civil and / or criminal penalties under applicable law.

JUNITASTORE reserves the right to refuse or change vouchers or promotions at its sole discretion. The content of this statement is subject to change at our sole discretion.

Please note: Coupon codes are non-retroactive and price adjustments will not be issued for orders placed before the start of an action.

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