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Make money online with affiliate marketing

Make money on the internet through referral marketing:

The affiliate marketing strategy is actually not a new business idea. After all, there have been free commercial agents for a long time who sell the products of their partner companies as independent entrepreneurs.

Affiliate marketing is exactly this principle, only that the sale takes place over the Internet.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal starting point for beginners and starting online entrepreneurs. But almost every "old hand" in online marketing has incorporated affiliate marketing into their strategy.

These are the advantages:

  1. You don't need (almost) any start-up capital.
  2. You don't need your own product.
  3. You don't need to worry about storage and shipping (for physical products)
  4. You have no effort for support.
  5. You can start at any age and become an affiliate marketer (under 18, of course, with the consent of your parents 😉). There are also very many successful affiliate marketers who were "late starters", started with 50+ and now make a very good living from it.

Affiliate marketing is a partner distribution system.

* PPS (Pay per Sale) - you get commission from a sale (CURRENTLY ON BOARD FROM 10 - 15%)

Occasionally there are also mixed models, such as PPL and, after a contract, a PPS commission.

There are no limits to the amount of earnings in affiliate marketing, as many things, once set up, generate sales automatically.

However, getting started is not as easy as it is sometimes suggested. Even so, it's probably the cheapest way to start your own business.

Many affiliates start alongside a permanent job or study and thus build up an additional income. But short-time work, unemployment or parental leave can also be used to earn money in this way.

There is a vendor, the product owner or manufacturer, and the affiliate, the person who sells the product. In some cases the affiliates can recruit affiliates and participate in their sales.

The affiliates provide the marketing channels, which consist of their own website, an email list, posts in social media or paid advertising.

The advertising material can be provided by the vendor or designed by the affiliate himself. (JUNITASTORE)

The sales are assigned via an affiliate link in which the so-called affiliate ID is integrated and through which the commission can be assigned in the event of a sale.


PPS (Pay per Sale) - (CURRENTLY ON BOARD FROM 10 - 15%)


Affiliate Marketing Strategies

There are as many affiliate marketing strategies as the affiliates can imagine.

It is important that you first understand the basics and then develop a personal strategy that suits you and is profitable.

  • Probably the oldest and still successful strategy is to build a niche site.

You create a page that gives your prospects important information. These can be product tests or product comparisons or information pages, e.g. about events ... there are no limits to your imagination. You will then place your affiliate links on this page.

  • Email marketing is a very good strategy. You send your contacts newsletters in which you recommend products. The advantage is that you can always send new newsletters and thus new product recommendations.

Be sure to observe the legal rules, because you are not allowed to just send your newsletter to anyone. Use a professional email marketing program that enables you to create forms in which your prospect can register and go through a legally secure opt-in process. Such good email programs are e.g. Quentn or click tip.
Social media are becoming increasingly important for affiliate marketers.

You can e.g. Build a community via a Facebook group, to whom you can pass on your product recommendations.

An Instagram account can also be monetized well in different ways. You also have the option of using LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TicTok and others. You see, there too you have a lot of options. Just look where your target group is active and use this medium.
You can also use Youtube videos very well. Youtube is now developing into a gigantic search engine. Have you probably already looked for information or instructions in a YouTube video yourself?

Communicate with your prospect on his / her level. Use the language that is common to that audience. And think about the needs of your prospects. They are looking for the solution to their problem, your prospects are rarely interested in the technical details of your product.

Online marketing is becoming increasingly interesting for all entrepreneurs and those who want to become one.

Also through the Corona crisis, many people have discovered how useful it is to use the Internet for their business.

There is also the profession of online marketing manager, which is currently very much in demand.

So when is online marketing interesting for you?

  1. If you want to build your own business alongside your existing job
  2. If you want to build a passive income with which you no longer have to fear poverty in old age
  3. If you dream of achieving freedom of place, time and money
  4. When you want more time for the things that are really important to you
  5. If you have a company and want to increase your reach with online marketing


Online Marketing Trends
Online marketing is fast moving, the trends change frequently.

However, there are tons of strategies that have worked for years, often with only minor adjustments. It is not easy for a beginner to find the right online marketing concept for him / her.

The following points are currently particularly important:

  1. One important trend is that interested parties are becoming more demanding. Gone are the days of a poorly made website with poor content converting. Content quality is the key. The next provider is always just one click away. That is why it is important to provide prospective customers with exactly the offer they are looking for with personalized advertising. The use of artificial intelligence is on the rise.
  2. The big platforms like Google will continue to gain weight. Many searches stop within the Google universe. Be it Google Flights, Google Hotels, Google Maps, Google Jobs ... The challenge for the online marketer is to position himself well on these platforms. Knowledge of SEO optimization is therefore becoming increasingly important.

In addition to the elderly, who are increasingly conquering the Internet, increasingly younger children and young people also have access to the Internet. This creates new target groups and existing ones change. It is becoming more and more important for the online marketer to know his target group and to focus on it.


So here are 10 steps to become successful in affiliate marketing!

  1. Love What You Are Doing. I always keep this as number one. ...
  2. You Will Have to Learn to Take Baby Steps. ...
  3. Learn from Others. ...
  4. Learn About the Product You're Promoting. ...
  5. Be Consistent. ...
  6. Make a Plan. ...
  7. Build a Strong Reputation in Your Niche. ...
  8. It's Never Too Late to Start.
  9. Build Your Team
  10. Stay Active

Now that you know how to be successful in affiliate marketing, it’s time for you to start exploring this world!

It’s filled with opportunities for money-making and I bet you’ll be able to succeed if you follow these crucial steps.




Initial Budget

How to do affiliate marketing?

You’ve gotta first take care of that initial media buying budget.

There’s no way around it.

Just like in any other business enterprise you’ll go for, you must have an initial investment.

We’re not saying that it needs to be something huge.

In fact, there’s no need to run to the bank, speak to a teller and get some borrowed cash coming your way.

Even so, it’s always advisable to start with a fine 500 bucks.