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360 Degrees Intelligent Auto Ultra Sonic Electric Teeth ULTRA Brush

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What is it?
It is called UltraBrush and is the only ultrasonic toothbrush that provides deep cleansing throughout your mouth.

With a 360 degree coverage, UltraBrush sonic technology cleans all your teeth simultaneously, intelligently and without the use of your hands. And that's not all.
The strength of UltraBrush brushing is gentle but effective enough to counteract the plaque accumulated on your teeth without hurting your gums and to prevent your teeth from becoming sensitive to cold or hot temperatures.

Unlike other toothbrushes that only scrape teeth, damage enamel and leave bacteria behind, UltraBrush reaches every corner of your teeth and removes plaque even in the most difficult nooks and crannies of the mouth.

And the best thing is that using UltraBrush is like receiving the full cleaning of a dentist but in just 30 seconds.

How does UltraBrush work?
UltraBrush makes daily oral hygiene in a simple way, with minimum effort and maximum efficiency and agility.

What makes UltraBrush so efficient is ultrasonic technology. When turned on, UltraBrush produces 5000 vibrations per second and distributes the paste between the teeth and along the entire gum line. This way a deep cleaning is achieved without damaging the teeth.
Just add a little toothpaste to the mouthpiece, insert it into your mouth and press the button.

You already have access to fantastic cleaning technology. UltraBrush offers 3 options of cleaning and one of teeth whitening. If you want to achieve maximum effectiveness, you can select the rigid and powerful cleaning. There is also an option to clean sensitive teeth, crowns, implants and orthodontic appliances. In addition, UltraBrush offers a cleaning mode that massages your gums.

To use the whitening method, you just have to place UltraBrush in your mouth and let it act for five minutes. Active light technology will eliminate coffee and tobacco stains and make your teeth whiter and healthier looking.

It is a toothbrush that definitely adapts perfectly to anyone.

Those who have already used this product claim that it is an excellent option to keep teeth clean and mouth healthy. Our designer Maria Damasio only had good words for this toothbrush:

"I never thought that a toothbrush could make such a difference in my oral health. The first time I used UltraBrush I felt that my teeth and my mouth were fresher than ever. Now I take half the time to brush my teeth in the morning and I know it is an effective cleaning. My children also use it and they love it. I recommend it".

Item Type: Toothbrush
Age Group: Adults
Model Number: Electric Teeth Brush
Material: Electric Toothbrush
Size: Auto Toothbrush
Quantity: Teeth Care

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