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Creative Wooden Variety Car Puzzle Games 48 Challenge with Solution

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We always use the safest materials to manufacture products. The material of the product has a clear origin, clear quality inspection and is always safe for children. The product is easy to clean and store. The color of the products is lovely, pleasant to the young eyes, this helps children easily absorb colors and create creativity for young children
Certification: 3C
3C: Type
Type: Blocks
Warning: keep away from fire
Gender: Unisex
Age Range: > 3 years old
Material: Wood

The box is in English

The instructions are in English and Chinese

Build your car and drive away!

SmartCar includes the car and 4 wooden blocks in 4 different colors. Kids solve each of the 48 challenges by placing all of the blocks correctly in the car according to the clues.SmartCar is a puzzle and a toy…solve a challenge or take your car for a test drive!

Game Rules

Step 1 Place the blocks next to the car’s chassis and choose a challenge.

Step 2 Build a car using the wooden blocks to match the colours shown in the challenge.

Step 3 You have solved the challenge.There is only 1 solution, which shown at the end of the booklet.Different levels show different views and create more difficult challenges